《About Me》

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Po Chou Chi is an animation director and an artist. He holds a BFA degree in Fine Art from National Normal University and a MFA degree in Applied Art from Nation Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. He is current studying on his second MFA degree in animation at UCLA.

Po Chou Chi is also an award-winner as an independent filmmaker. His first 3D animation film, “ The Drawer of Memory”(2006), has won lots of honors and was screening in many different countries, such as German, Japan, China, U.S.A, Korea, and France. In 2010, his second animation film, “ The Lighthouse”, which is made at UCLA, has won 27 international awards and was screening in over 50 international film festivals in the world.

Here are my recently concepts and art works

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The Mystery

Digital Painting, 9 hours


Digital Painting, 4 hours


Digital Painting, 1 hour


Digital Painting, 40 mins

The Lighthouse


Director: Po Chou Chi


Producer: Dow Ning Yang


Composer: Chien Yu Huang


Year: 2010

Length: 7 min 30 sec


New! 2011 Angelus Student Film Festival Outstanding Animation Award

2011安卓魯斯學生電影節 傑出動畫獎

New!2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Honorable Mention Award

2011 Adobe設計卓越大獎 榮譽獎

New! 2011Reel to Reel International Film Festival 

Best Amateur Animation

2011膠捲國際電影節 最佳動畫影片

2011 USA Film Festival Finalist

The Drawer of Memory

Director: Po Chou Chi

Producer: Dow Ning Yang

Year: 2006

Length: 6 min 45 sec



4C Digital Design Awards

Best Story Award, Golden Jury Awards

ComGraph the 7th Asia Pacific Digital Art and Animation Competition

Gold Award

12th DMS' Conference Competition in Multimedia Arts

The First Prize Winner

KT Science and Art Award

Gold Award

The 4 th Taiwan International Animation Festival

Creative Graphics Gold Prize

The 3rd China Inter

[In Search of the Blue Sky]

Director: Po Chou Chi

Length: 2 min

Production time: 2 months

Year: 2004, and 2011

The story is about a grandson want to make his grandmom's wish come true.This short film was an unfinished animation practice in 2004(Even before "The Drawer of Memory"). It is a music video ,the purpose is to practice the action  and speed in camera moving.

The Farewell

The Lighting Blvd Boy

The Lighthouse

The Concepts of " The Portrait"(2012)


The Portrait

..coming soon